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 Health Fitness san-francisco,

Jameela Toups

Health Fitness - San Francisco, California

What to expect when you train with me

What you should expect when you train with me is point blank....DETERMINATION. I use almost every ounce of energy to try my best to make you want to keep going right until the end. And not because it's the end, but because you feel good you got to it.

My favorite client story is

My favorite client success story is...One of my client's was flip flopping between 300-400 pounds and she had a lot of issues physically inside and out, which made her self-esteem just crash through the floor. She keep her head up and presented herself the best she could, but she was uncomfortable mentally and physically. So, I let her know I can definitely help her get healthier, but she had to understand its not about focusing on the actual weight, it's all about how you feel while getting to that healthier point. And, if weight follows along with then so be it. I told her at this point she would always have a little weight on her, but other than the physical not being truly what you want, you will feel better in other aspects of your life such as: Mental stability, Finding balance with one's self and having a better understanding of who you are. We started working together non-stop and once she got to her 6 month mark she told me what weight she was at now and within that she had lost a little over 100 pounds. I was extremely happy for her because it was not an easy road to travel. Now that she had come to the crossroads of her life she took what she learned along the way and went on to create a new way of living. I am extremely happy for the effort she put in it and I am proud of myself because she was the first true person that I actually helped achieve at least one of their goals.


$70.00 per session Solo One-Day Fitness Training
$120.00 per session Partner One-Day Fitness Training ($60/each)
$50.00 per hour Solo One-Day Health & Wellness Coaching Session
$100.00 per hour Couples Health & Wellness Coaching Session
$1,250.00 per month 4-Wk. Solo Combined Package (Health & Wellness/Fitness)
$2,450.00 per month 4-Wk. Partner Combined Package - $1225/each (Health & Wellness/Fitness)


Monday, Wednesday, Friday 10am - 10pm
Tuesday, Thursday 8am - 6pm
Saturday 10am - 1pm

Languages spoken



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  • Jameela Toups Health Fitness San Francisco,
  • Jameela Toups Health Fitness San Francisco,
  • Jameela Toups Health Fitness San Francisco,
  • Jameela Toups Health Fitness San Francisco,
  • Jameela Toups Health Fitness San Francisco,
  • Jameela Toups Health Fitness San Francisco,


My philosophy is, "This is the only life we get and we should try are best to go out with a bang, and you have to be healthy to do it right and feel right doing it!"

My favorite exercise is

My favorite exercise position is PLANK. I love it because it is a multi-functional move; you can work your core (primarily) as well as your glutes (the booty), arms, back and much, much more. Plank may be difficult to do at the start, but as you continuously do them you WILL feel stronger in so many ways and you will be able to hold the position for longer periods of time.

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My favorite quote is

My favorite thing to say is....CARPE DIEM! (Seize the day!) I love this saying, because it is what keeps me going. Starting my day with this assures me that I will be the one to control my day regardless of what crosses my path or disturbs my route. It took me a long time to have this way of thinking and it was not the easiest to grow in a positive way. To some it is so much easier to take the easy road regardless of it being right or wrong or what the consequence are. I have been there done that the classroom I learned in was the Classroom of Life. Now that I have made a turn for the better I feel it is my duty or calling to spread my energy and knowledge of not just health and wellness, but of life as well to those that come to me for the help. I want to people understand that if we do not "Seize the Day" by taking a hold of your own life mind, body, and soul somebody or something else will. Remember...We are the ONLY true rulers of our worlds, but sometimes we need a little help to understand how to get started.


I have extensive experience not just in my field, but in the game of life. I worked extremely hard to get to where I am today and I want to be able showcase it. At this point in my life I can only suck up so much education before I am ready to explode and let it all out and I am READY!