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What to expect when you train with me

My Name is Jameela and I am your Personal Holistic Health and Wellness Coach/Fitness Professional. I am a semi-mobile Health Professional and I travel around helping those that have called on me. You are also more than welcome to come to me directly if you feel that works better for you. Life can be filled with many priorities and many times thinking of your personal health can get neglected. I want to help you become a healthier YOU by tying your health into the everyday life you live. I train clients throughout the San Francisco, The Peninsula Area, and South Bay. At the moment I am not traveling to the East and North Bay, but you all are more than welcome to make an appointment to come to me. I am here to make sure you achieve your Health and Wellness goals where ever you may be. Remember, even though we have to live life you still need to be healthy to be able to enjoy it. THINK ABOUT IT!

My favorite client story is

My favorite client success story is...One of my client's was flip flopping between 200-400 pounds and she had a lot of issues physically with her body, which made very self-conscientious about the way she looked and felt. I told her I can definitely help her get healthier, but you have to understand you will never be thin or skinny. You will always have a little weight on you, but other than the physical you will feel better in other aspects of your life such as: Mental stability, finding balance with self and excepting who you are. And along with that the physical will come in its own form. Once we got to the 6 month mark she told me what weight she was at now compared to when she started and altogether she had lost over 100 pounds. I was extremely happy for her because it was not an easy road to travel. Now that she has come to the crossroads of her life she took what she learned along the way and went on to create a new way of living. I am extremely happy for the effort she put in it and I am proud of myself because she was the first true client that I actually helped achieve at least one of their goals.


$75.00 per hour Solo PT (Training Only)
$150.00 per hour Partner PT $75pp (Training Only)
$300.00 per session 4-Wk. Health & Wellness Package (On-Site)
$450.00 per session 4-Wk. Solo Health & Wellness Package (Mobile Service)
$500.00 per session 6-Wk. Solo Health & Wellness Package (On-Site)
$700.00 per session 6-Wk. Solo Health & Wellness Package (Mobile Service)
$750.00 per session 4-Wk. Partner Package $375pp (On-Site)
$1,250.00 per session 4-Wk. Partner Package $625pp (Mobile Service)
$1,000.00 per session 6-Wk. Partner Package $500pp (On-Site)
$1,500.00 per session 6-Wk. Partner Package $750pp (Mobile Service)


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday Office 8a-10pm, Training 10a-10p
Saturday, Sunday Not Available

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  • Jameela Toups Health Fitness San Francisco,
  • Jameela Toups Health Fitness San Francisco,


Point blank, I think differently than other health professionals out there in the world. I feel as though I have an optimal educational and training background. I think of fitness and health as something that must be sustained throughout life. As long as we live we must work on ourselves (inside/out) just like how we work hard for the other things/people we care about and love. As a fitness professional I want to help my clients not just achieve fitness goals, but find a way to change their lives for the better and make it sustainably healthy. I try my best to get to know my client's deep down inside so I know how to work with them inside and out. Me personally, I treat my client's body as if it where my own because I will always want the best for myself and I want to make sure I feel the same about everyone I work with.

My favorite exercise is

My favorite exercise position is PLANK. I love it because it is a multi-functional move; you can work your core (primarily) as well as your glutes (the booty), arms, back and much, much more. Plank may be difficult to do at the start, but as you continuously do them you WILL feel stronger in so many ways and you will be able to hold the position for longer periods of time.

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My favorite quote is

My favorite thing to say is....CARPE DIEM! (Seize the day!) I love this saying, because it is what keeps me going. Starting my day with this assures me that I will be the one to control my day regardless of what crosses my path or disturbs my route. It took me a long time to have this way of thinking and it was not the easiest to grow in a positive way. To some it is so much easier to take the easy road regardless of it being right or wrong or what the consequence are. I have been there done that the classroom I learned in was the Classroom of Life. Now that I have made a turn for the better I feel it is my duty or calling to spread my energy and knowledge of not just health and wellness, but of life as well to those that come to me for the help. I want to people understand that if we do not "Seize the Day" by taking a hold of your own life mind, body, and soul somebody or something else will. Remember...You are the ONLY ruler of your world and the only one that can truly destroy it!


These are my credentials: An Associate's Degree in Physical Education and Health, Bachelor's Degree in Health and Wellness. I am Certified in Dance Aerobics and Fitness and I am a trained dancer for over 10 years with a focus on Hip Hop Fusion. I am also in the process of achieving my Master's of Science Degree in Health Education. My goal is to help you help yourself find a way to better your mind, body, and soul.