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Our time will be a place you can be yourself without fear of prejudice or judgement. My goal is to earn your trust and develop chemistry and understanding so... Read More

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If you're serious about improving your health, losing weight, and looking to add muscle, look no further for a trainer. Located in Los Angeles, CA, my traini... Read More

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Discover your fitness potential with Above Fitness. Through the AboveFit training system, you will maximize your results in every characteristic of fitness;... Read More

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It's my pleasure to present to you Body Possible - personal fitness training. Why Body Possible? Because when it comes to your body you will be amazed what i... Read More

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Hi! I've been in LA for about 3 years, coming from Phoenix, AZ. I've spent the last 10 years intensely studying and experimenting with exercise and nutrition... Read More

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8 years of health wellness and fitness, I’m so Passionate about helping others achieve their fitness and weight goals, I provide high-energy programs combini... Read More

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I am Alex, I live in Los Angeles, California. I am a certified personal fitness trainer and strength & conditioning coach. I am a nutritionist, a world-c... Read More

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From Caracas, Venezuela. I have sve been working as a Certified Personal Trainer for four years. In 2015 I came to the USA to study Fitness and Nutrition in ... Read More

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I founded the first Daoist arts Centre in Ukraine in 2011, with the objective to expand knowledge of Daoist tradition and let the millennial art of "nurturin... Read More

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Elite Trainer, Aaron Guy believes that metabolic exercises, a balanced nutritional program, stress reduction and proper rest and recovery are the foundation ... Read More

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Don't loose your time and money with lessons and techniques that only work in movies, because your opponent will not be a Hollywood actor. Deepen technical... Read More

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Expert knowledge, and motivation to help you accomplish your fitness goals! 24 years in the business with a BS Degree in health and physical education. Read More

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Hi! I'm Marcus and I've been training for 6 years now, and I have been an athlete all of my life. I became a trainer for the opportunity to help people achie... Read More

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Anyone who decides to train with me should expect to reach their fitness goals. Read More

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I am a former Tier 3 Equinox Trainer and body builder. I am not your average trainer, I am very involved with my clients. I offer meal plans, flexible dietin... Read More

Friendly and easy going. Training exercise should be pleasurable not something you dread. A great way to stick with it is to enjoy yourself while keeping you... Read More

I want you to be able to enjoy life and devote energy to your family. You can expect a complete body transformation, and a proven nutrition guide that will a... Read More

I take care to make sure you will be fit from the floor up. Meaning I take into account your exercise readiness and create a taylor-made program to address a... Read More

I am a certified personal trainer, and also am finishing a bachelors degree in kinesiology, I specialize in advanced athletic training, weight loss and muscl... Read More

Expect honest open communication as well as attention to detail. Expect to be pushed to an uncomfortable space. Expect growth and development, mentally and... Read More

When you train with me expect to reach your goals and have a good time doing so! I am focused, goal oriented and able to help you get results. Whether you ... Read More

My name is Max and I'm committed to Fitness. I believe in the dopamine rushing through your body. in burning that extra fat around your waist and building up... Read More

Technique...technique... technique!!!! Proper technique leads to good form... which leads to power!!! Lower chances of injury. I train world class fighters, ... Read More

You don't like fitness clubs? Are you just not familiar with all those machines? Maybe a lack of time? Short workouts duration with HIGH CALORIC EXPENDITURE ... Read More

Making a change to become healthy and fit shouldn't be a scary and difficult task, but instead, it should be an exciting and wonderful experience. By working... Read More

I will help you meet your fitness goals whether you want to lose weight, maintain your weight, build muscle or improve your athletic performance. I will hel... Read More

After a thorough consultation and movement screening, I will teach you from the ground up how to execute the classical lifts and their supporting exercises.... Read More

Jake Moskowitz is a NFPT certified personal trainer with three years of experience in personal training geared toward overall fitness and health. He speciali... Read More

Hello my name is Glenn Payne. I am from Pasadena, CA. I have been training for 2 years and I take pride in making people Faster, Stronger and Wiser than they... Read More

RESULTS! I've had over 14 years of professional experience, successfully helping my clients to become both esthetically and functionally fit by merging tradi... Read More

I'm a Nash Certified trainer. First, I will assess your current fitness level. Next, I will design a fitness plan that I will change every four weeks. I wil... Read More

the first thing you can expect when you work with me is complete focus. your goals become my goals. I enjoy working with people who are very serious about th... Read More

SIMPLE EXERCISE. SIMPLE NUTRITION. REAL RESULTS.In life there are rarely any quick fixes and experience teaches us that gimmicks never work. You only get out... Read More

I am a former collegiate baseball player and I recently received my Master's degree in Exercise Science from California Baptist University. I have been a NAS... Read More

No gimmicks here! Flashy exercises can be impressive, but I train with a purpose. Your goals will be identified and addressed with a program customized to fi... Read More

Expect to have fun and achieve an optimal fitness level according to your age, goals, preferences and limitations Read More

I have worked in the fitness industry for over 7 years and logged thousands of hands on training hours. I haven't only learned from books and certifications,... Read More

Fitness has been the change in my life that has help shaped who I am today. Not only has it changed me physically but over all as a person through hard work,... Read More

My philosophy is a healthy controlled approach, with an emphasis on proper technique, muscle-mind connection and functional workouts (military background). l... Read More

When you first train with me, I will put you through a fitness orientation, this will allow me to design a fitness curriculum that addresses your goals. My t... Read More

Start with basic movements to build a base. Then transfer into weight lifting, gymnastics, cardio, mobility, and goal setting. Major focus is correct movemen... Read More

My name is Olivier.I have been training . people since 2001with excellent results... I design individualized programs based. on your goals and current fi... Read More

Kelsie Ryan is a NCSF certified personal trainer and California state Registered Nurse. She is dedicated to helping others thrive through achieving their goa... Read More

Thanks to my life long experience in martial arts and fitness and a solid education background you can expect 100% individual approach and expertise in vario... Read More

I'm a PERSONAL trainer who focuses on the needs of clients. I'm here for you 24/7 with the purpose of helping you reach your goals. Contact me to figure out ... Read More

If you are interested in losing weight, gaining lean muscle or simply getting healthier overall, call for your free consultation today! My approach is a holi... Read More

I finally found a peaceful balance of exercise and nutrition through a three month body transformation cross-training program I created. My ability to custom... Read More

When training with me I will always give you my best. I'm always enthusiastic, energetic, and well read. When I mean well read I always try to increase my kn... Read More

B & B is the high value Brand of Woman Personal training. B & B creates Linear Management, which optimizes suited for Woman's Body. Based on Linear Managemen... Read More

Whether you're looking to lose weight, strength train, or simply enjoy a higher quality of life, I offers a variety of exercise and therapy programs to aid i... Read More

Are you ready to amp up your workout routine and develop a system that can turn your dream body into a reality? Are you tired of doing the same things over a... Read More

I'm here to coach your mind and body in the most custom, efficient and powerful way! Achieving ones personal fitness goals is 80% showing up! I specialize in... Read More

You can expect a trainer who is truly dedicated to you, not just for the few hours we train each week, but even when were not training. You can expect a trai... Read More

Hello, my name is Evan, and I'm a functional fitness and Chinese Kickboxing coach. My goal is to give you a fun, enjoyable workout that can be challenging so... Read More

No gym required. We are in California. We have sunshine, mountains and oceans to play in! let's take it outside. I travel to your local piece of paradise..... Read More

When it comes to health, and fitness, I know what I'm talking about., and when you choose to train with me, you choose to succeed. I get results, fast, both ... Read More

While training with me you will experience what it feels like to be with a true professional. After your initial evaluation, your training program will be ge... Read More

Seth graduated from California State University, Northridge earning his degree in Kinesiology with an emphasis in applied fitness and active lifestyle develo... Read More

Balanced approach to obtaining and maintaining a strong healthy body. Proper nutrition & moderate exercise are the key components. One training regimen doe... Read More

My clients receive workouts as short as 30 minutes that enable them to achieve their fitness goal on their schedules. My mission is to reach out to people w... Read More

Your goals are my goals! Personalized workout programs and individual nutritional guidance. Expect a full health & body transformation! Send me a message for... Read More

I train all my clients in low impact training sessions customized to each persons physical abilities and goals. As clients fitness levels improve and goals a... Read More

For me fitness and strength is first created within the mind. I believe with a strong and motivated mindset we can ultimately push our bodies beyond our phys... Read More

United States Marine who spent thousands on IFBB pro coaches to learn from the best in the world on changing body composition. Ready to train you to succeed ... Read More

If you are tired of the same workout, not getting the results you want, need motivation or just learn a couple new exercises, I can help you with it all. I s... Read More

What is the picture of yourself in your head that you want to look like? What are your goals? Does all of this seem confusing? Not sure where to start? That'... Read More

Are you tired of boring routines that don't work, that you can't remember, take too long to see results?. Fitness should be something that you enjoy, not a c... Read More

Every time you come to train with me, whether it is once or twice a week, we will work! Your success is all up to you and I want you to feel your BEST! My ... Read More

I am certified personal fitness trainer working in the city of Pasadena, CA. I can help you set realistic goals and transform your health and your life for t... Read More

I have been training clients for well over 30 years, specializing in Strength Conditioning and Body Sculpting. I train at your location, or my Outdoor Train... Read More

Don't just hire a trainer... get a Coach! I will take care of your entire program from Fitness, Diet and Rehab. Everything is designed specifically for your ... Read More

Core Strength & Flexibility is fundamental to your physical functional health. Chronic lower back tension and tight hamstrings go hand in hand in creating l... Read More

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