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I am and have been a Registered Dental Hygienist for 30+ years. I have always been a fitness enthusiast! Last year I began to pursue my passions, I am a Cert... Read More

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As a former Marine, a personal trainer, and sports conditioning specialist, I am extremely dedicated to fitness, competition, and a healthy lifestyle; howeve... Read More

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You can expect a great result workout based upon your personal goals! Need a nutrition program from a Nutritionist to increase your results? You've got it! W... Read More

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"Making the decision to hire a personal trainer can be scary. Many of my clients were worried that it was going to be a painful process filled with judgment,... Read More

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Born and raised in Russia, I was raised in a family of rules and regulations, with a father who was a police officer with a passion for martial arts; and mom... Read More

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Making the decision to hire a personal trainer / coach can be scary. Many of my clients were worried that it was going to be a painful process filled with ju... Read More

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Please expect an in-depth consultation and evaluation of your lifestyle, health and fitness goals. A physical and emotional assessment of your present life... Read More

I'm not your typical trainer. My background is in Martial Arts. My focus is training my clients for the way they move in their daily lives. This not only min... Read More

A low impact training program, specifically designed to improve range of motion , endurance & tone / firm muscles. I am highly energetic, motivated, Self sta... Read More

Living a healthy lifestyle is what I try to influence on everyone I meet. I once was over weight and out of shape and now I love to help those who are in a s... Read More

After 31 years in the Personal Training industry, I am still very passionate about helping men and women reach their personal fitness goals. My business name... Read More

I wish I could do the work for you, but I can't. What I can do is provide motivation, expert advice, support and education. If you truly want to change, I c... Read More

I want to help you get healthy, achieve your goals, feel good about yourself, and regain your confidence! Together we will set SMART goals to help you get to... Read More

To have incredible results and a really fun time doing exercise. Read More

Results city! I assess your capabilities in order to create the best customized program that will get you to your goals. I provide detailed nutritional overs... Read More

When working with me expect the whole package: Personalized training plan suited to your goals, Corrective exercises to help any ailments, Monthly progress/g... Read More

I am a NASM certified trainer who enjoys helping my clients reach their goals through exercise and nutrition. I have a safe and functional way of training my... Read More

Hi every one. I am passionate about fitness and it is my pleasure to design fitness programs that deliver results to reach your fitness goals. I like to be v... Read More

I combine 15 years of experience as a Personal Trainer with the passion and lifestyle of a competitive athlete to design a personalized program to fit your n... Read More

I offer a program that will get you the results your looking for in a quick and effective way that brings both a nutrition program that is highly and effecti... Read More

I will stay focused on your goal throughout the entire process. That means we will only do exercises that you need to specifically get you towards your perso... Read More

I take a holistic approach to health and fitness that incorporates metabolic conditioning, muscular strength, endurance, flexibility, balance, functionality,... Read More

I am an individual that will help you maintain your current physical level & build upon it. Improving your life through exercise has many benefits that inclu... Read More

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Justin Pierce

San Diego

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