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I have been a dancer since the age of four and have a great awareness of my body. Since I began teaching dance, I developed a strong ability to correct postu... Read More

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Kenya Moses is an women's fitness expert, well-being & business coach, and author. She is the Founder & CEO of Be A Fit Mama, Inc. , which has served... Read More

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Fitness is a journey. It starts at any age and at any level. Increasing movement not only helps you feel better, but can have a significant impact on health ... Read More

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First of all, clients can expect results! Clients can expect attention to detail and form. We all move in repeated ways and often this leads to muscle imbala... Read More

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My training protocol is different, and it isn’t for everyone. I don’t rely on the old fashion weight lifting or thigh blasters of the 90’s.... Read More

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Christine discovered strength training in her early 20's & began working out as a lifestyle. Combined with her passion of wanting to help people, this le... Read More

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By utilizing a comprehensive consultation procedure to ascertain your health history and fitness goals, I can readily design a customized personal training p... Read More

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We will relentlessly pursue your goals through smart, scientifically backed programming and tenacious training sessions. We will have a projected plan includ... Read More

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You can expect to not only get results in the quickest and safest way possible but to learn a great deal about your own body and how it moves, how it functio... Read More

You can expect a goal oriented training program fitted directly to YOU! I specialize in strength and conditioning but am also well versed in weight loss and ... Read More

Every client is different. How can a one size fits all program(CrossFit, zumba, p90x, hiit, yoga) work for and individual? Plain and simply it wont. I star... Read More

My love and enthusiasm for the health industry has allowed me to apply experience, knowledge and skills in order to help others learn, grow and succeed at th... Read More

If you are looking for a personal trainer who will actually push you and take your fitness to a whole new level, then read on. I have been working in custome... Read More

I've found that exercise alone doesn't solve common health complaints. I provide an integrative system to wellness; combining corrective exercise, nutrition,... Read More

You can expect a customized personal training session focused specifically on your goals. Read More

I have 30 years of experience and will provide you with the support tools needed to reach your fitness goals Read More

Seasoned fitness, martial art, and sports medicine trainer with experience working in 5-star facilities and VVIPs. Rich knowledge of both group and individua... Read More

My name is Erik Hendrickson. I have been a Personal Fitness Trainer in Los Gatos and Campbell, and the Almaden Valley for the last 13 years helping my client... Read More

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