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Our time will be a place you can be yourself without fear of prejudice or judgement. My goal is to earn your trust and develop chemistry and understanding so... Read More

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I work with individuals and small groups. I base the workout on your needs and wants. I love circuit training because it gives you a complete workout of wit... Read More

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I'm empathetic, but require dedicated. Fitness is first a mind game, then it progresses into your daily actions. I like finding out who you are, and WHY thi... Read More

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My philosophy on fitness and training is primarily functionality and natural movements of the body. Calisthenics based workouts developed to modify and re al... Read More

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My goal is to teach and guide my clients how to move better during their daily activities, exercise classes and sport activities without hurting themselves. ... Read More

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Anyone who decides to train with me should expect to reach their fitness goals. Read More

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My name is Chelsi Sorensen and I am 31 years old. I grew up in a very athletic family as a cheerleader and a dancer. At the age of 16 I decided that Cheer an... Read More

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I use weight training and high intensity training to reduce body fat, build muscle, and improve athletic performance. My training methods have helped to see ... Read More

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Wellness and fitness is your constant companion on life's journey. It will keep you strong, physically, emotionally and mentally. It lifts you up when you ar... Read More

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Expect a supportive yet aggressive training experience. Krav Maga is great because it is no-nonsense and focuses on already natural reactions in defenses. Th... Read More

Full attention on the client! Development of fitness programs that will match your fitness goals, realistic goal setting, nutritional advice, supplement advi... Read More

Body sculpting is, in essence, proper training and food intake methods; which if continued, will drop your unwanted fat and leave you with the body you've de... Read More

I offer an intense RESULT producing workout, with nutritional advice and full support. Read More

You can expect to feel awesome after the first session! I use the Pilates reformer and Power Plate to create optimal strength and flexibility for your body.... Read More

Corey has 14 years experience, works with several dozen professional athletes, top executives and everyone in between. He teaches for the National Academy o... Read More

Expect getting in shape, eating healthy and feeling great! Read More

I work with people of all ages and skill levels. I will tailor your workout to fit your specific needs, but I will challenge you to push yourself! Read More

Coach: James Pae, CFT, CHST, CISM. Company: Trident Sports .Location: Irvine, CA. Services: I provide strength & conditioning skills necessary to finish ... Read More

Hi, congratulations on taking the first step toward your health and fitness goals. I absolutely love personal training and am committed to helping others ... Read More

I believe that fitness is part of health and wellness. I train people to be in tune with body mind and spirit. In addition to strength and cardio fitness, I ... Read More

I provide strong focus and unparalleled service that has one purpose: to get you to your goal. You're also going to enjoy the session, I guarantee it. Read More

I have one of the most unique personal training styles around Orange County. No work out with me will ever be the same. I genuinely care about each one of m... Read More

My expertise is limitless and I recognize everyone is unique and I am capable of customizing workouts according to your goals and physical limitations. I und... Read More

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