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Expect to have fun and see amazing results by treating your body right! I believe in a more natural way of building and shaping the body. Good old hard work ... Read More

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Together we will achieve a healthier lifestyle and get the results you deserve in the privacy of your own home. Hi I'm Tim Forte nationally certified persona... Read More

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Get ready for a passionate, enthusiastic life changing experience, married with the utmost regard for safety, knowledge and education, and success. You can ... Read More

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I started personal training my freshman year in college back in 2011. In addition to being a trainer my entire college career, I was also group exercise inst... Read More

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First we will sit down and talk about where you are fitness-wise and what you want to accomplish. We can talk about any limitations you have, your past expe... Read More

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Whether you're a top athlete or hate exercise with every bone in your body, I believe that health and fitness is your birthright. My Philosophy is simple: St... Read More

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I am a Trainer/ Business owner who strives to create workout programs that don't just focuses around helping my clients become better versions of themselves.... Read More

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When my clients hire me to be their trainer they will see first hand they're hiring someone who is passionate about their job and lives the lifestyle. I am a... Read More

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*** SUMMER IS RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER! START NOW AND FEEL CONFIDENT IN YOUR BIKINI BY JUNE!! ***WOMEN ONLY. As a woman, I know you want to tone your arms, fl... Read More

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Where Science Meets Fitness. With over 30 years of experience and a Ph.D., my primary focus is the specific musculoskeletal and wellness needs of the baby bo... Read More

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Hello, everyone! I am simply a personal trainer looking to improve the health and wellness of as many people as possible. I learned pretty early on in life t... Read More

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We are all athletes; from business professionals to stay at home moms and students. Regardless of your level of activity, your body is made to move! My objec... Read More

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After struggling for years with being overweight during my younger years, I was motivated to make a change within myself. Via a newly adopted workout regimen... Read More

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My goal as a trainer is to help each one of my clients reach their fitness goals in a healthy manner, through a safe fitness regimen and nutritional guidance... Read More

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William Littrell has been an instructor for 6 years helping people in DFW TX reach their fitness goals. Read More

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Hi my name is Shane and I am a certified personal trainer through National Academy of Sports Medicine. I have 10 years of experience in sports and training. ... Read More

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I seek to simplify so my clients can take what they learn in a session and apply it at home. I specialize with people who have little or no exercise experien... Read More

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Born and raised in the Midwest, I have been pursuing my passion of physical fitness the last three years in Dallas, TX. A graduate of Michigan State Universi... Read More

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I can train you in your home, apartment/corporate/neighborhood gym, or at a location that makes you feel comfortable. I own a ton of equipment so that I can ... Read More

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As your Personal Trainer I will create a program and guide you as my client toward your Personal Fitness Goals. First, we will build a fitness baseline throu... Read More

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I help golfers increase their flexibility, increase their core strength, play pain-free golf, and shoot lower scores by employing a unique system that’s very... Read More

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My name is Liz and I am passionately committed to helping you meet your health and wellness goals. My primary focus it to make you look and feel your best at... Read More

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ONLINE PERSONAL TRAINING now available for less! Lower prices than In-home training - contact me for more info. . When it comes to In-home/gym training, you... Read More

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Have fun while Training but never compromise Intensity and Results.My name is Nathan Barbosa and I have been Training and Developing clients for 4 years. My ... Read More

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I specialize in training adults over 50 who want to lose weight and work around joint pain. I have plenty of experience training all age groups as well form ... Read More

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Hello, I am a personal trainer that loves working with all types of clients. No matter how long you've been inactive, I'm able to develop programs to build e... Read More

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They will get a full body training with exercises that fit them and their body type. I'll keep things light, fun and educational Read More

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As a client you can look forward to learning what it takes to make real lifestyle conducive changes. Change that's permanent, realistic and effective! I ... Read More

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I have been a fitness and health enthusiast since I was 12 years old. Since then I've trained hundreds of clients from all different backgrounds and abilitie... Read More

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I have 15 years experience in the Fitness & Wellness Industry. I am a personal trainer in both Plano and University Park Texas. My passion is to help you g... Read More

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My own fitness journey and perspective of fitness I was born in Greece and spent all my childhood in a small and beautiful town, full of history from ancient... Read More

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To learn how to train smarter and not just harder. Learning posture re-education and corrective movements that excites muscle fibers into new strength, growt... Read More

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I am a former D-1 athlete who loves to workout! I enjoy developing relationships and exercise programs that benefit each individual client that I work with. ... Read More

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When working with me you can always be able to expect a tailored program designed specifically to your needs and goals. Your work outs will be unique and cha... Read More

When I train people, I always like to expose them to something new! I want all of my clients to understand the necessary elements of training whether it be ... Read More

Mike's Functional Fitness is a fitness training company that revolves around you, the client. With my certified fitness training programs, I know that any pe... Read More

Hi, I’m Amber Simmons and I have been a personal trainer since June of 2012. I started my career in an all women’s gym in Sachse. After the gym c... Read More

Let's make it happen no matter, what! Read More

Everybody is an athlete and I treat every body as such. We will explore exercises that your body will respond to most efficiently and will develop muscular a... Read More

A very professional personal training service with an emphasis on biomechanics and functional training. This type of training is sweeping through the fitness... Read More

I believe in not just training a client, but teaching them as well. Posture and form is very important. I like to go through progressions, one step at a ti... Read More

I'm here to motivate and help change someone's lifestyle & also to help them get their dream body they've always wanted. I work with all types of clients, be... Read More

Several options. West Plano/Carrollton bootcamp/general gym. Uptown Dallas Semi-private studio or medium size full service gyms with lockers and showers. No ... Read More

You can either drag your feet through life or find ways to celebrate it. GET EXCITED! I can offer a solution to just about any fitness need you have. I have ... Read More

Aaron is an independent personal trainer with multiple nationally recognized certifications and 12+ years of experience in customized training. No matter wh... Read More

I believe the key to success is finding a challenging routine that you find enjoyable. I try to balance circuit and strength workouts to provide optimal resu... Read More

I focus on the "personal" in personal training, and truly customize your activities. You may be doing yoga while paddle boarding at White Rock Lake one day a... Read More

You will work on your vertical, quickness, reaction time, and strength to maximize your volleyball abilities. No two athletes or schedules are the same which... Read More

My name is Alexis Johnson and I am more than a personal trainer. I am your on demand, reliable workout partner. There will never be a workout that I don't co... Read More

I became a Personal Trainer for many reasons... I would have to say the number 1 reason was to make an impact in the lives of the people around me. Be it lar... Read More

My services are In-Home or your private gym. I bring an integrated training approach that ranges over a wide comprehensive set of discipline and methods that... Read More

With over 10 years of fitness experience, Andre is an expert in the industry. Specializing in weight loss, bodybuilding and functional training he has the to... Read More

You will receive specialized workouts directed toward your exact goals. Not only that, but you will get all my nutrition advice with meal plans personalized ... Read More

Have you ever been in a good work regime then a few weeks after you were bored with it? Believe me, I've been there before. That's why I began teaching Zumba... Read More

When training with me, expect amazing results. You're going to feel better and look better. Read More

Having been a big girl myself for most of my life, I understand exactly what it takes to break through those barriers and become the healthy person you may b... Read More

My vision is to help anyone improve their health regardless of their busy schedule or current level of fitness. You'll get the results you are looking for w... Read More

I have an extensive background in athletic training, with an emphasis in strength and conditioning training. My biggest priority is to help you improve both ... Read More

My clients achieve their goals! The key is variation. Variation is important when it comes to getting in shape and maintaining it. We all know how boring exe... Read More

I'm more than just a personal trainer. I'm a health and fitness coach. I teach you how to make health and fitness a part of your life, not just some daunting... Read More

I provide both martial arts training and functional fitness training. My passion and experience in sports and fitness will assist you with achieving your goa... Read More

My name is Ryan Mara, I have been into fitness since I was 12 years old (15 years) and a former collegiate ice hockey player. What got me interested into fit... Read More

I have been training for almost 17 years. I tailor to your needs and goals. I am here to help you reach the best possible you in a positive dynamic way. Read More

Expect to meet someone that's truly here for you and your goals!!! You need to expect a unique customized functional training program based on your capabilit... Read More

When working with myself, look forward to a mind blowing experience in bettering your health as well as your spiritual self. Having a grip on all that life b... Read More

Everyone has that something they always tell themselves. Maybe it is "I should lose a little bit of weight" or "I should probably start eating better". Th... Read More

Clients can expect to learn, grow and fix themselves. I've taken studying and personal experiences to cultivate a practical approach on becoming a better ver... Read More

Justin Barnikow, Resistance Training Specialist, CPT. -Uptown, Dallas. Areas of Expertise: - Figure & Bikini Modeling/Physique Training. -Physique/Bodybui... Read More

Are you ready for Summer?! Get ready to look great, feel great, and change your life. My sessions are unique to every client. Generally you will be doing a p... Read More

National Council on Strength and Fitness Certified Personal Trainer and NPC Physique Competitor, Fitness Model.I am a personal trainer that specializes in th... Read More

Since everyone's fitness goals are different I utilize a broad range of training programs to improve the areas you want to work on. Whether you want to just ... Read More

Alternative personal training offers custom solutions for anyone, of any fitness level, who is ready to change their life. You will be challenged like never... Read More

Every person needs a workout and nutrition plan that is specific to his/her own personal goals. My objective as your trainer is to show you exactly what you ... Read More

Options to multiple affordable fitness and exercise programs. Read More

We will focus on correcting muscle deviations by strengthening your core and activating individual muscles in isolated exercises. Together we will help preve... Read More

Expect a life long journey of positive changes. The pursuit of fitness is never over. Some people hit a target weight and think the journey is over, but th... Read More

I carefully choose exercises based on your particular structure, goals, fitness level, and limitations(if any). I use careful progression to make things mor... Read More

I am the personal trainer who will listen and respect your needs. The goals we set will be for my client and not for me. I will offer inspiration, advice and... Read More

I start each new client with a thorough fitness assessment, then work with the client to develop an exercise and nutrition program designed to address their ... Read More

I love helping people change their lives for the better! I will push you harder than you push yourself, but I am no bully (kind of like a Bob Harper). I wi... Read More

Working out, eating healthy, and losing weight does not have to be an experience that you fear or dislike. It can be fun, rewarding, and something that you l... Read More

To put it simply, I am a health and fitness PROFESSIONAL. With a master's degree in Exercise Science and a bachelor's in Nutrition, you can be sure you are g... Read More

Clients need to know I am all about results then friendship! I love having a good time but getting work done first! Read More

This is what I do. I'm a personal trainer looking to change the lives around me. It is a true passion of mine to help people live happy and healthy lives...O... Read More

My goal is to help my clients reach their Fitness and Nutritional goals the most Efficient, Effective, and Safest way possible. I will enhance the component... Read More

Currently a professional boxer , fernando is willing to share his knowledge as he continues a boxing career. His sessions are 60-70 min and are built to burn... Read More

ALSO AVAILABLE FOR TRAVEL! I have been a personal trainer and competed in fitness competitions for six years. I am a nutrition expert, and currently being c... Read More

I will provide a high energy workout that pushes your limits but still allows you to have fun. Read More

At Rebel Muscle I have made a new home for myself and for people like me, who just feel lost at giant gyms, or who just aren’t getting what they want o... Read More

This is a private warehouse gym with 24 hour access and has heat and A/C. Flip tires, lift weights and push the sled all within the comfort of your own priva... Read More

• Currently pursuing a professional boxing career • featured on reality tv series "the undercard " on cw33• 3 yrs experience in personal train... Read More

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Eric Rivera

Fort Worth

Training since 2006

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