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 Functional Trainer huntington-beach,

Jake Gilbert

Functional Trainer - Huntington Beach, California

What to expect when you train with me

Professional trainer that offers much more than your average trainer. Very knowledgeable and positive energetic personality. My first consultation is free and offers body fat testing, fitness testing, flexibility testing, background experience, health forms, policies, intake forms, etc.

My favorite client story is

one of my first clients had lower back issues her whole life, and she quickly was living a functional daily life without any pain what so ever. She saw other trainers, and physical therapist for her issues and she has said many times that I am the only one who has truly been able to help her. She has lost 20 pounds, and made a complete lifestyle change and has completely turned her life around. It was one of the best feelings for me as her trainer to be able to help push her to where she needed to be.


Please contact me for session rates/pricing.


Monday 1pm-8pm
Tuesday 1pm-8pm
Wednesday 1pm-8pm
Thursday 1pm-8pm
Friday 7am-8pm
Saturday 7am-8pm

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circuit training, rehab training, resistance training, strength and conditioning training, personal training


  • Jake Gilbert Functional Trainer Huntington Beach,
  • Jake Gilbert Functional Trainer Huntington Beach,
  • Jake Gilbert Functional Trainer Huntington Beach,
  • Jake Gilbert Functional Trainer Huntington Beach,


Starting from the basics. Core strength, posture, flexibility is the most important thing. I am a firm believer in functional training. Whether you a top athlete, post rehab patient, elderly, etc. Strengthening smaller muscles and having a true knowledge of the body and its physiology. Fitness and body composition testing is done every 4 weeks after the initial consultation. My goal as your trainer is to get you the results you desire in the fastest, and healthiest way possible. I don't try to sell packages, I am in business because I love what I do. I work to my absolute best ability to help my clients achieve their ultimate goals.

My favorite exercise is

Strengthening the hip abductors while lengthening the hip flexors. "clam shells" and "straight leg band walks" are a couple of my favorite exercise which help achieve strengthening those hip abductors. One of the number one reasons for low back pain is because the hip flexors in particular the psoas major is tight which pulls the pelvis into an anterior tilt. Everyone has experienced low back pain at some point in their life. This is because we live in a flexed society and being able to correct that problem first is my favorite thing to do. I start from the basics strengthening muscles where the majority of people are weak and lengthening muscles that are tight. Other examples would be lengthening the Pectoralis muscles while strengthening the rhomboids and external rotators in the rotator cuff. Core strength is also my priority, My favorite core exercises to do are planks, bird dogs, and bridges. I do not ever have my clients do crunches or sit ups. Constant flexing of the trunk will result in back pain.

Training Since







I hold a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology. Certified by National Council on Strength and Fitness since 2010. I have experience from working with rehab patients to NCAA athletes. From one on one sessions to a group of 60 athletes. My internships consisted of working in two different physical therapy outpatient clinics, running the strength and conditioning program from NCAA hockey team, as well as a TA for a Strength and Conditioning class at the college I attended. I am currently going to school for Massage Therapy as I have realized how well strength training along with massage is very beneficial whether it is recovering faster from a workout, rehabilitation, injur prevention, myoskeletel alignment, etc. I have been an independent contractor since 2010.