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Gyan Penrose-Kafka

In-home or Outdoor Personal Training - San Diego

What to expect

I am dedicated to empowering you to proactively take the steps that will wholistically evolve your body and mind toward your best self by incorporating fitness, nutrition and healthy behaviors as a part of your everyday life. That's why my business is called Proactive Evolution! Proactive Evolution specializes in life-changing fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle programs individualized for each client. By fostering awareness, presence and mindfulness, our programs give our clients the opportunity to both choose a healthier life and work towards it, one step at a time, fully supported. I know that exercising consistently and strenuously isn't easy. However, it can be fun and it leads to even more fun! By keeping workouts fresh and challenging time passes quickly and the benefits are most evident while engaging in physical activities that you really enjoy--whether that's biking, surfing, running, golfing, dancing or any other activity where a strong, flexible and mobile body is necessary for full enjoyment and injury prevention.

Specialties Strength Training, Weight Loss, Functional Training
NCCA Accredited Certifications ACE Certified Personal Trainer
1 on 1
Small group

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My Favorite Client Story

Turning the feelings of frustration that arise when nothing seems to be working, after years of starts and stops, into the joy of success. Watching clients shift their lives from self-critical defeat to self-motivated victory. It's been repeated over and over as I've helped my clients change their lifestyles and their bodies into a source of pride. I don't believe that people should be ashamed of themselves, regardless of where they are in life. Each of us rationalize why we do the things we do, whether that's being sedentary, eating too much, having poor nutrition, or not pushing ourselves to overcome obstacles. I believe that with the right support, techniques, skills and education, each of us can come to a place where we are both accepting of who we are in the moment, and able to create the change to evolve into a place of greater success.

My Philosophy

As a committed and caring trainer and health coach, I will work within my published Code of Values to ensure that each client clearly defines and measurably moves closer to the goals they want to achieve with fun and challenging workouts and lifestyle coaching.

My Favorite Quote

I can do this!

My Experience

Starting from a personal journey of weight loss to training people as a Certified Personal Trainer, I've helped men and women change their bodies and their lives!

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