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Cezanne Mazur

( 3 reviews )
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My Philosophy

What I do with all of my Clients (upon request) is;<br><br>- We'll go over your PERSONAL fitness Goals.<br>- Give you a 'Crash Coarse' on how your body and your muscles work.<br>- Give you a specific, Tailored ''GAMEPLAN''! This ''GAMEPLAN'' (Unique Fitness Training Program & Diet/Nutrition & supplements advice) WILL answer ALL of your Fitness questions.<br>- Take your body through an Initial Fitness Assessment; Where we'll test & compare (against national norms) your Upper-Body, Lower-Body and Core strength, along with your Cardiovascular Health. To establish a BASELINE for where you are beginning. (Body circumferences/measurements are preformed throughout this stage as well, as these will be looked at again on a monthly basis.) We re-check this on a monthly basis, to re-assure that your GAMEPLAN is actually working as effectively as possible for you. If we notice that you aren't heading towards your GOAL, we will make all of the Changes necessary; alterations & modifications to not ONLY to your specific Diet, but to your training method as well.<br>- Measure and Calculate your PERSONAL Body Composition: Once we know what your body is currently composed of,,, we will have a much greater understanding of knkowing precisly how much and what type of WORK (Training) YOUR BODY needs.<br><br>I will do my absolute BEST, to do whatever I can/need to do for you, in order for US to reach YOUR PERSONAL FITNESS GOALS.<br><br>

My Favorite Quote

FITNESS IS A SCIENCE! - And thats what I'm passionate about TEACHING YOU! (Changing your Physic/Body Composition, can be very Challenging, but the OUTCOME is not only Worth it, it WORKS for EVERYONE! Once you know (and do) what has to be done to get YOU to where YOU really want to be, is when you'll truly be satisfied with yourself & your appearance!)

My Experience

Knowledge, Motivation & Accountability! <br><br>I'm the kind of person who is ready to re-shape (transform) and maybe even (help save) the lives of people struggling to achieve their Fitness Goals!<br><br>The most obvious changes people make to their workouts when they believe they are hitting a plateu are;<br><br>1.) Changing up the amount of WEIGHT they use for a given exercise<br>2.) In conjunction with; switching up the amount of REPITITIONS for a given exercise.<br>3.) Changing up their amount of SETS; how many intervals/ how many times they preform a given exercise.<br><br>THOUGH IF GETTING INTO PERFECT SHAPE WAS REALLY ONLY THIS EASY,(Switching up the obvious),,, DONT YOU THINK EVERYONE WOULD JUST LOOK FANTASTIC?!? <br>Thats because the people that really do look FANTASTIC, change up far more factors then the ones listed above. Things these people integrate into their training routines are factors such as; <br><br>1.) Speed/Tempo: - This is a BIG one; the speed at which you preform any exercise will determine whether you are actually making your muscles Stronger or Bigger!<br>2.) Range of Motion: - Full range of Motion or Partial reps, will vary on which part of your muscle you're specifically training.<br>3.) Exercise Knowledge: Changing up your exercises for any given muscle group is going to be KEY! You will need to not only KNOW but (correctly) IMPLEMENT different exercises every time you workout that same muscle. This means you would need to know roughly 30-40 different exercises per muscle group, to continuously be stimulating your Muscles in strange yet effective ways!

3 Reviews

Overall average:

I would definitely recommend Cezanne as a trainer to anyone that reads this : - I’m really impressed of my improvement and the performance WE achieved TOGETHER . I lost a lot of weight, got much stronger & learned a lot about my body and myself, not only is he an excellent Trainer but he is more than that, he was my mental coach as well! Our trainings definitely improved my quality of life, health, the way I look and feel & the way I think. Thank you for being there and seeing my true potential !

LoLa A.

Areas of Expertise

  • Strength Training
  • Weight Loss
  • Flexibility and Mobility
  • Muscular Definition
  • Muscle Gain
  • Posture
  • Functional Training

NCCA Accredited Certifications

  • ISSA Certified Personal Trainer

Specialized Education and Training

ShapeTec EMS Dynamic Personal Trainer, XBody Europe E-Stim Trainer, Miha BodyTec & Glucker Kolleg Electro-Muscle-Stimulation Personal Trainer

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