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Jake Moskowitz

In-home or Outdoor Personal Training - Los Angeles

What to expect

Jake Moskowitz is a NFPT certified personal trainer with three years of experience in personal training geared toward overall fitness and health. He specializes in strength and stability exercises, ranging through dynamic stretching, core strengthening, balance exercises, and weight lifting.

Jake is kind-hearted, genuine, and fair, and he will definitely challenge you. He will give his honest assessment of any workout and will always find ways his clients can improve. His priorities for his clients are incremental improvement, overall wellness (mental, physical), and strength and stability as the body ages. Of course, every individual is different, so he caters to any specific goals brought his way.

Jake never touched a weight until his 20th birthday. He played basketball and baseball in high school, but never learned the importance of weight training until his high school career was over. He began lifting weights in college and has been hooked ever since.

Jake has a Bachelor’s degree in Business from Brandeis University and a Master’s degree in Sport Management from Cal State Long Beach. He has coached basketball both at the NCAA level and to kids as young as the age of six.

Training since: 2015
Specialties Core and Balance, Strength Training, Flexibility and Mobility, Muscular Definition, Muscle Gain, Posture, Injury Prevention
NCCA Accredited Certifications NFPT Certified Personal Trainer
1 on 1
Small group

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My Favorite Client Story

I was working with a client for about a year. One session he wasn't feeling well, so we finished the session early. It turns out he needed open heart surgery. The surgeon said that he was in great shape and if he hadn't been working out all that time, he may not have made it. Working out with me may have saved his life!

My Philosophy

Try new things. Seriously, don't get caught up doing the same workouts week-to-week. You need to switch it up. Believe me, it's more fun that way!

My Favorite Quote

"Do or do not. There is no try."<br>"Work hard play hard."

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