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John Ezra Dew

( 7 reviews )
In-home or Outdoor Personal Training - Los Angeles

What to expect

Our time will be a place you can be yourself without fear of prejudice or judgement. My goal is to earn your trust and develop chemistry and understanding so our sessions effectiveness can be maximized. I consider myself a coach and teacher. I'm here to help and guide you no matter what your goal or destination may be however my primary objective is to educate and develop you by teaching you to take this same knowledge and incorporate into your own lifestyle.

Training since: 2007
Specialties Core and Balance, Nutrition, Strength Training, Weight Loss, Muscular Definition, Flexibility and Mobility, Muscle Gain, Functional Training
Certifications PFIT Certified Personal Trainer

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My Favorite Client Story

I've had my share of trainers over the years in my search for " maximum results" for my personal goals. Some good, some bad, but none as great as Ezra Dew! Ezra is the epitome of what I like to call "master trainer". Not only is he very well educated on nutrition and how the body works, he also knows how the mind works and that is the key to any goals we set in life. You are not just another client or dollar to be made. He really focuses on the entire "YOU"! He is a reflection of discipline, hard work, consistency, and dedication. His moral and spiritual beliefs help motivate and propel you forward to be a better version of yourself day after day after day!

My Philosophy

My philosophy is to meet each person where they are and to work from there towards each individual desire and goals. I believe our body is only one dimension of our being and is only developed by also building both mind and spirit. Mind is the bio-mechanics, function and range of motion. Spirit is the intention, purpose and inspiration or Why? Behind our sessions. By developing all 3 components there will be a balanced growth making every session extremely valuable and beneficial.

My Favorite Quote

"When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves" - Viktor E Frankl

My Experience

My experience in corrective exercise as led me to educating in biomechanics, proper form, and range of motion to not only eliminate injuries but maximize the effectiveness of the muscle being worked or the exercise. By using scientific protocol we will work together to achieve your personal fitness goals. With over 10 years of experience, several certifications and specialty training. I know exactly what it takes to achieve even the most challenging goals.

7 Reviews

Overall average:

Being a Kindergarten Bilingual teacher and single mom of three is exhausting enough so finding time and energy to workout was the last thing in my mind but I came to a point in my life where I was sick and tired of being sick and tired and complaining about how my pregnancies took a toll on my body. I knew If I wanted to lose weight and be comfortable in my own skin I had to make some changes so I joined a jiu-jitsu academy and added cardio kickboxing. I also did some boot camps at a local park. I did some weight training at the gym but I was a bit intimidated so I avoided them. I was feeling great but still felt I needed to be challenged and incorporate weight training but wasn’t satisfied with the trainers at the gym. I had tons of motivation and drive to push myself but I felt I needed the perfect person to teach me where and how to apply it. So I got busy and started searching online because I wanted a great trainer… The best of the best. One who was knowledgeable and actually looked like he knew what he was talking about but most importantly having the passion in helping others achieve their goal and that’s where I found my awesome and amazing trainer, Ezra Dew. He pushes, motivates and inspires me in every way possible. Not only does he tell you what to do be he makes you believe that you CAN do it and become anything and everything you ever wanted to be. Not only is he transforming my body but my mind as well. He’s just what I was looking for! I’ve been training with Ezra and the changes I’ve made are wonderful. I train with him at another facility 3 times a week, do 6 hours of cardio per week on my own at my local gym and follow his nutrition plan. I’m excited to see the changes that are to come. Definitely far from what I once was but not yet

Lindy G.

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