About Michelle

I have won 13 bikini competitions out of 18 with the rest being top 3 placings. I became a trainer after having so many people asking for advice and tips on how to get in shape and stay in shape all year round. The answer is always that it's not easy but the hard work is worth it when you get results. I studied to get qualified but have also done a lot of my own research on nutrition and training styles to achieve the best results from training. I put my experience from experimenting with tricks of the trade into training my clients and have seen great results! I will always push my clients as much as I can to get great results but am not heartless. I understand that not everyone is trying to become a bikini model or athlete and that a lot of people are just trying to get into shape under reasonable methods. I like to connect with my clients on a personal level so that I can learn how to motivate them. Most of my clients have become good friends of mine so I always look forward to meeting new clients and possible new friends!

Areas of Expertise

  • Nutrition
  • Strength Training
  • Weight Loss
  • Flexibility and Mobility
  • Muscular Definition

NCCA Accredited Certifications

NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Additional Certifications

HFPA Diploma in Exercise Science, HFPA Certificate in Sports Specific Conditioning


Bachelor of Commerce in Employee Wellness

Michelle is amazing. She took me from 25 percent body fat to 13 percent body fat in six months.

Raymond G.

I always leave getting a great workout in and am excited to come back for more. I was someone who worked out frequently and made (what I thought were) the best food choices. I came to Michelle for advice when I felt like I was in a bit of a rut and not seeing the results I wanted. Michelle provided me with a new meal plan and tracked my diet along the way. In just a few short months, I started to lose weight and really start to see results I was hoping for. The diet plan paired with Michelle's Bums & Tums class (a class specifically targeting the glutes and abs) has helped me turn my once flat bum into a more nice round booty! But with all that said, the best part of Michelle is that she is kind and genuine, very inspiring, a great person to be around and truly happy to help you with your life and fitness goals! Thank you Michelle!

Jackie F.

Let me start by saying no words can describe how much Michelle has helped me. She is the best trainer!!! If you were like me and you have tried everything; joined a gym, no thanks! Circuit training, weights again! Run on the beach, man my knees hurt!!! None of those things ever gave me the results I wanted. I needed one on one help and motivation. Michelle loves what she does, and she truly cares about her clients. She has helped me get in the best shape of my life. She has worked around my injuries and coached me with my diet. In just a few short sessions I started to see my body transform. She even takes photos so you can see your progress and compare each week.

Brooke L.

She is a great person and truly is inspiring. Do yourself a favor and call her!"Before I trained with Michelle, I considered myself an athletic person. In my eyes I had reached my peak fitness capacity within the constraints of my schedule and my diet preference. After one class with Michelle, I learned there were countless other ways to improve upon my fitness and continue noticing results. She showed me new ways to access my core muscles and continue my athletic development. She knew how to motivate me and push me to limits I didn't know I was capable, all while keeping the class exciting and fun! I've never had a better time in a gym.

Matt L.

I have been working with Michelle on my diet and fitness program since March of this year. With a change in my eating habits, I was able to improve my Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Eczema by 90%. With her supplement suggestions, I was also able to ween off of my prescription medications. I am 5'0 female and lost 10 pounds within a month of following her program. She sees everyone as an individual with different needs, so she will tweak your diet and workout plan as needed. Her workout plans are challenging enough to see results, and most importantly, they aren't boring. Michelle is reliable, responsive, and fun! She always has an answer to all of my health and fitness questions. I am lucky to have her as a trainer!

Jessica R.

just finished my 2 month bikini program with Michelle. She is absolutely fantastic! The workouts and meal plan were on point and I saw such amazing results! I have been in shape for quite a while now and consider myself a very good athlete and I contacted Michelle because I wanted to tone up and tighten everything up to do a fitness/ bikini photoshoot! She uploaded me to her App and took all my before and after measurements, a personal training session, and uploaded a meal plan and workout plan tailored just for me. My results were everything I could have asked for, and I never once had to think about what was happening next. She was always there when I needed her when I had any concerns or questions. Overall, I followed the plan, and it works! Contact Michelle, and she will help you achieve your goals, and feel so confident and amazing!

Kristina W.

Working with Michelle was one of the best training experiences of my life – I miss her daily – but she instilled in me some invaluable lessons which I still practice today. She also gave me fantastic dietary tips and other advice which I find invaluable. Anyone who gets to work with this amazing woman is extremely lucky!

Courtney B.

Michelle is very knowledgeable with the anatomy of the body, particularly in my husband’s case where he has a fused knee and can do limited exercise. Michelle worked within the capabilities of my husband and managed to make the sessions different and interesting. Michelle incorporated cardio training, weights and boxing during our sessions. Michelle is passionate about her career and instilling healthy lifestyle options.

Juanita M.

Over four years later, I am still training three to four times a week and I have Michelle to thank for instilling the discipline in me to keep at it. She consistently pushed me to gain a better understanding of what my body was capable of achieving through exercise and ensuring that I made every effort to get there.

Diana S.

Michelle is highly qualified and professional. She is an NCCA certified trainer and it shows. I've had great results! Love the flexibility of Find your trainer, she comes to the gym at my office building.

Carolann D.

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