Lauren Hendrick
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Lauren Hendrick

Specialties Functional Training, Holistic Fitness, Sports Nutrition, Personal Training, Strength and Conditioning Training

What to expect

Gymnastics-based exercises paired with a nutrient-rich diet will help you to look and feel better than you ever have!

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My Favorite Client Story

"I used to run a lot and taking these classes has been completely different. It doesn't feel like I'm working out. It feels like we are just having fun doing gymnastics like movements. However, I have not stopped being sore so clearly it's more than just fun!" - excerpt from recent client.

My Philosophy

I believe that working-out should be fun, easy, and not take time away from your busy life. Getting healthy should not be stressful! . Using efficient functional body-weight movements taken from the teachings of Ido Portal, Charles Poliquin, and Chris Sommer (Gymnastics National Team Coach), I have designed easy and quick routines that you can do by yourself in less than 30min! . Eating right is an important part of giving your body the necessary means to meet your fitness goals. I will help guide you in finding the best nutrient-rich foods to help you look great and feel great too!

My Experience

Currently, I use gymnastic-based body-weight movement to train, and just achieved my first strict muscle-up! . I have competed in Naginata (martial arts), Olympic-level Dressage (equestrian), Volleyball, Tennis, and Soccer and since a young age. I also love to cook! .

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