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 Personal Trainer denver, colorado

Scott Stransky

Personal Trainer - Denver, Colorado 80222

What to expect when you train with me

Eliminate chronic pain from previous injuries, develop superior athleticism at any age, and lose weight faster than ever before. My training programs combine high-intensity strength, cardio, mobility, and balance training--suited specifically for your goals and your current state of fitness. My approach is unlike any in town. With smart exercise programming, brain-based rehabilitation and athletic development training, and expert nutritional counseling and advice, I can help you achieve your goals safer and faster than you thought possible.

My favorite client story is

A 71 year-old client came in complaining of chronic foot pain that was keeping her from exercising for nearly a year. After a one-hour session and some diligent homework on her part, she was back walking, skiing, and jogging in just a few weeks. Today, she's training with PowerHour Elite Performance to improve her 5k race time, build muscle to support her active lifestyle, and thankful to have avoided costly and painful surgery that would have kept her out of action for several more months.


$275.00 per month Small Group Training
$90.00 per session Pain Management/Exercise Therapy


Monday 6am-11am, 2pm-4pm
Wednesday 6am-4pm
Thursday 6am-3pm
Friday 6am-2pm
Saturday 12pm-2pm
Tuesday 6am-3pm
Monday 7pm

Languages spoken



group personal training, kettlebell training, rehab training, weight loss training, personal training


  • Scott Stransky Personal Trainer Denver, colorado
  • Scott Stransky Personal Trainer Denver, colorado
  • Scott Stransky Personal Trainer Denver, colorado


Get leaner faster. Burn up to 20 calories per minute while alleviating decades-old chronic pain. PowerHour programs use the latest in brain science research to produce unparalleled strength, pain-free movement, improved cardiovascular health and endurance, and fat loss. Through precise, controlled movements we can help actually change how your brain views your body and unleash your full physical potential. Our preferred training tool is the Russian kettlebell, the most versatile training tool around. Of course, we're also extremely well-versed in other forms of exercise like traditional weights and bodyweight movements, and customize your workout plan to meet your specific goals and your needs.

My favorite exercise is

The deadlift. Nothing builds sheer power and strength throughout the body quite like a well-executed deadlift. It uses virtually every muscle in your body and requires exceptional visual and vestibular skill as well. And, of course, it's always fun to brag about picking up more than twice your bodyweight off the ground.

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My favorite quote is

"You're either practicing what makes you better or you're practicing what makes you worse. There is no in-between."


Certified Exercise Therapy Specialist, NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Russian Kettlebell instructor