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Andrew LeMasters

( 14 reviews )
Hive Performance - Fort Lauderdale

What to expect

There are a few universal needs, and most people have a few common goals, but everything else about each client is unique. Even with similar ends in mind, means may be very different—every client’s program carefully considers tightness, weakness, experience level, preferences, health, goals, expectations, injuries, and any other concerns we can think of so that no one is forced into a box. Some days you have a new pain. Some days you lack energy. Some days we’ll introduce a new movement and find that you particularly hate it. Some days you’re just grumpy. Some days you’re a few minutes late. I strive to be as adaptable to you as possible, adjusting sessions on the fly as needed.

Training since: 2007
Specialties Strength Training, Weight Loss, Corrective Exercise
NCCA Accredited Certifications NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
Certifications NASM Senior Fitness Specialist, NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist, USCDKA Nationally Certified Instructor
1 on 1
Small group

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My Experience

I began to lift weights in 2004, when I decided I was tired of being weaker and smaller than all my friends. I started reading all the magazines and websites I could find. I made a lot of progress during those first few years and I had friends start asking me to train them. I loved helping them get stronger and feel better.<br> <br>Shortly after I began college in 2008 I met a few intelligent strength coaches that changed a lot of my training paradigms and started introducing me to better informational sources and higher training philosophies and methods. One of them gave me an internship in his gym while I studied to become a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the National Strength and Conditioning Association. During my internship I began training clients that actually paid me, working with small groups, and learning more advanced techniques and ideas from the brilliant coaches all around me. While in college, I also studied Taekwondo until I earned the rank of Blackbelt and got my Instructor’s Certification.<br> <br>In 2014 I was able to move up another level into an elite sports performance gym in South Florida. There I started working with world-class coaches, professional athletes from NFL, NHL, MLB, and WTA among a few others. In addition, I started working with promising young athletes, busy professionals, seniors, and people who just wanted to lose a few pounds and feel better.<br> <br>In 2016, the head coach from this facility brought me along to help him open his own gym in Davie, FL. This introduced me to another wave of some of the greatest coaches on the planet that I could learn from. This is where I am currently training clients and building my business.

14 Reviews

Overall average:

Very knowledgable and really considers your specific needs.


10368 W State Rd 84

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33324

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