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Windsor St. Victor

( 13 reviews )
In-home or Outdoor Personal Training - Atlanta

What to expect

You can expect to get a total body workout that will be fun, challenging, and expecting to be sore for the next two days. The workouts are easy to do so that you're going shock how effective it is. You don't have to take my words for it checkout my review and if you need any reference I'll be glad to give you as much as you need.

Training since: 2004
Specialties Core and Balance, Nutrition, Strength Training, Weight Loss, Flexibility and Mobility, Muscular Definition, Sports Performance Training, Kickboxing
NCCA Accredited Certifications NESTA Certified Personal Trainer
Certifications NESTA Certified Advance Trainer
1 on 1
Small group

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My Favorite Client Story

Windsor was my first introduction to a private trainer. It was a luxury for me, but boy was it worth it! I committed to 90 days and he completely changed the way I looked and felt. Very little equipment used, lots of body weight exercises, pull-ups/push-ups, good cardio and flexibility. I was looking for someone to give me that rock-climber look and his style fit perfectly with what I wanted. He's extremely professionally, considerate, and I wouldn't hesitate him training with my wife. I fully trust him. You won't be disappointed.

My Philosophy

Nutrition is number one for without proper nutrition your wasting your time. Nutrition is like shampooing your body by getting all the dirt out. Making your body ready for a conditioner which is exercise to give it body, shape, and make it look nice on the outside.

My Favorite Quote

Your Health Is Your Wealth!

My Experience

My training experience has taught me a lot of patience because you meet so many different people in all walk of life that are at different level in their fitness. Never judge a book by the cover but be willing to give your all to all. I love making feel good about themselves and motivating to even get better.

13 Reviews

Overall average:

I started seeing results from the second week of training. You will never be bored with Windsor. Always comes with a new routine. Before you know it will be doing 900 crunches without pain I recommend him. Great trainer.

Nolita V.

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