About Karlyn

With 5 years of experience as personal trainer, I know what it's like as an individual to overcome adversity. I started my fitness journey at 235 lbs and since then have been able to accomplish losing over 80 pounds with intended plans of stepping on stage in the bodybuilding world to compete in women's physique. Since starting I fell in love with the process and set out with a purpose to teach individuals that it's not just a diet or quick change it is a process, mindset, and lifestyle change change that helps to develop you into a better individual in different aspects of life not just the gym. And most importantly if i can do it, anyone can! Let me help you make it happen:)!

I take great pride in holding clients accountable for hitting and achieving their desired fitness goals. As someone who has struggled with weight loss my entire life, I can relate to the struggles of the average person and know that any goal can be achieved when you set your mind and body to it!


• Weight loss
• Functional training
• Strength training
• Circuit style training
• Corrective Exercise

Areas of Expertise

  • Core and Balance
  • Nutrition
  • Strength Training
  • Weight Loss
  • Flexibility and Mobility
  • Functional Training


Exercise Science

Who I Especially Like Working With

Beginners, Brides-to-be, Men, Overweight/ Obese, Women, Youth

Karlynn is very sweet and makes you feel welcome right away. She is always smiling and has encouraging words to say no matter what stage you are in your program. She is a professional and I will continue to use her as long as she's available and will also refer her to family and friends.

Terrie R.

Karlyn is absolutely great! She helped me break through my fitness plateaus by really pushing me to dig deep and try harder. She is knowledgeable, kind, encouraging and understanding, yet hard on you in the tough love sort of way. Whether you are just getting into a fitness regimen or looking for a coach to help you transform your body, Karlyn is your gal. I highly recommend her services!

Renee S.

Fun to work with and inspiring- just what I need to make lifestyle changes. I was sore the next day and still wanted to do more.

Jeffrey M.

Karlyn is awesome. She brings a lot of humor to her training and was super approachable with my newbie questions. She was great on responding and being flexible with scheduling.

Micah J.

Karlyn is super sweet and east to get along with. She reached out in a timely manner and got to know exactly what I wanted to work on. She is really wonderful to work with!

Heather Y.

Karlyn is an awesome trainer! She's knowledgeable and helpful in everyway. Her patience with me is over the top. I couldn't ask for a better trainer.

Charmaine H.

She is always very upbeat and positive and great at challenging me. I love how she works hard at keeping the workouts new and fun. You can tell she has a passion for fitness and is very knowledgable in her field.

Patty P.

I am so grateful that I found Karlyn to help me reach my goal of learning how to lift! She is not only knowledgeable but also passionate about helping others on their journey. I am definitely a beginner but I feel confident that I can turn this into a lifestyle with her constant support and I can genuinely say I look forward to working out with her each week!

Aly V.

I want to lose weight for our wedding in July and wanted my back to be toned and muscular since I had a strapless wedding dress and she helped me achieve that! Also she gave me the confidence on my bacholette party to pose for a photo flexing my back muscles in just a bikini top and shorts!

Jennifer C.

For some time I was struggling finding a workout program and sticking to a gym. That was until Karlyn come into my life and saved me from that old routine!! I found out that doing the same routine gets old and I get bored... She spiced things up and I finally have stuck to working out and loving it again! She will customize the workout to fit YOU! She WILL hold you accountable, I can promise you that:) Karlyns passion is fitness and health and defiantly shows when she works with clients. Her testimony is amazing and makes a person realize we have all "been there done that." Having her at the gym with you makes you want to go harder and try heavier weights that I never would have imaged I would ever be able to life! She has been one of the only trainers that truly care and want to see you strive! I would recommend her to anybody that is looking to know how to correct or even master the technique of lifting. To anybody looking to become a healthier better you or even needing be be held accountable. All I can say is this girl has it going on and knows what she is doing!

Amy K.

My overall training experience is very fun yet challenging. ... overall it was great working experiences with Karlyn as she worked with my body to make sure I did not hurt myself which was important to me due to past injuries. I was a woman who avoided weights and now can see the difference it has made in just 8 short weeks. Do yourself a favor and become a stronger you as you work with Karlyn.

Nancy S.

When creating my specific workout for me, Karlyn really listened to what I wanted to accomplish and designed it flawlessly. She was able to magnify my strengths, and give me activities to work on my weaknesses. I was able to lose the body fat where I needed it while toning up. Highly recommend here to anybody.

Josh B.

Karlyn is my personal trainer getting me ready for my upcoming wedding and she's absolutely terrific. She writes a workout for me and then we work it out together 3-4 days a week. I don't have any after photos yet but will post when I do! I would highly recommend Karlyn because she helps you to feel confident no matter what physical state you start at and she pushes you to be the best you can be and she always has a positive attitude! The best personal trainer I've had ever!

Abby P.

I was looking for a trainer to help me get fit without being critical of my bad habits. She has showed and explained ways to loose fat and build muscle. Words can not express how amazing Karlyn is. She is tough but motivating. She is honest but encouraging. And she is very inspirational when I am doubtful. It is great to have a trainer who is knowledgeable and has a passion to help others. Thank you for being so awesome!

Lana P.

Today marks 6 months since I started my nutritional and workout experience with Karlyn (aka Kurls or Dot to me) I can not say Thank You enough for the amazing results I have made so far. I'm down 20 lbs and have built muscle in all areas. If you are looking for an awesome instructor, give Karlyn a shout and let her help transform your life like she has/is mine!

Tami R.

I really don't even know where to start, Karlyn is amazing! Just a few short months ago I was SO scared summer was right around the corner because I had let myself go & I did not want to be around people, wear a swim suit, go on our boat or do anything involving people and outside. I wanted to sit inside with a huge t-shirt on and do nothing. I did not have the self control or motivation for a complete lifestyle change on my own. So I said enough is enough and I reached out to Karlyn and asked her to help become ME again and get my life back! I just wanted to be happy, healthy & confident again! This week marks 10 weeks I have been working with her, I am down over 20 pounds and I am nothing short of HAPPY, HEALTHY & CONFIDENT! I owe it to her & her amazing nutritionist she partners with! I highly recommend this girl! She rocks!


Karlyn is beyond phenomenal. The love and passion she has for what she does is hard to find. Absolutely love this lady!

Katie M.

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