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Jonathan Christoff

In-home or Outdoor Personal Training - Boston

What to expect

My training experience is quite varied. First I drilled basics with low-intensity training for those new to training or had physical limitations. Then, I learned new skills as a nutritional consultant role and a CrossFit coach. From CrossFit and beyond, I learned many of the finer movements and principles for optimal performance by not only training CrossFit competitors, but athletes for olympic-style weightlifting skill and high-level gymnastics execution. Before I moved to Boston, I helped to design a workout program for an addiction therapy outpatient program where I trained people with negative feelings towards life and exercise for engagement and enjoyment.

Upon moving to Boston about two and a half years ago I began working as a Sports Performance Coach. There, I studyied neuroscience and positive psychology to further improve my ability to help others achieve their goals.

I have recently relocated to Upstate New York to be closer to family and am seeking new clients.

If you are looking for high-quality training or programming, I'm your guy. Together, we will figure out what you need in order to be successful and fulfilled in your fitness journey. If I specialize, it is in high-quality technical movement, mobility, mindset, and power development.

Training since: 2012
Specialties Strength Training, Flexibility and Mobility, Muscle Gain, Posture, Sports Performance Training, Myofascial Release, Wellness, CrossFit
NCCA Accredited Certifications NASM Certified Personal Trainer
Certifications NASM Fitness Nutrition Specialist, CrossFit Level 1, CrossFit Mobility, USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach

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My Favorite Client Story

While working at a Sports Performance, I became friends with an athlete who was planning to transfer from Stonehill to Notre Dame in effort to walk onto their D1 Football team. After getting to know each other, hearing my input, and implementing my advice, he asked me to program for him and be his coach. Given his work ethic, I could not say no, despite my lack of specific knowledge. Since then, I empowered myself to be able to coach for Football specific training and he has made the team and begun to surpass some of his competition!

My Philosophy

We get what we put into it. I design my training sessions to not only give a good workout but to educate my athletes (yes, you) to be able to 1) Live life with greater health, 2) Replicate the movements we did on their own with sufficient technique and intensity for growth, and with enough time together 3) Have a solid understanding of what works, what does not work, why, and where they can most improve what they value - whether that be physical functioning, physical appearance, or general (mental & physical) health.

My Favorite Quote

Don't fear failure. Not failure, but low aim, is the crime. In great attempts it is glorious even to fail.

My Experience

Personal Training Institute Level III Trainer - 2010 - 2013<br> Personal Training Institute Nutritional Consultant - 2011- 2013<br>General CrossFit Coach - 2013 - 2016<br>CrossFit Competitors Coach - 2014 - Present<br>Physical Fitness Program Designer for an Addiction Therapy Outpatient Program - 2015 <br>(before moving to Boston)<br>USAW (United States of America Weightlifting) Sports Performance Coach - 2014 - Current<br>Stack Velocity Sports Performance Coach - 2016 (Nearly accepted a position as a program coordinator but Lowell was too much of a drive from JP)<br><br>I just started working part time South Shore YMCA as Personal Trainer and am designing programs for various educational group workout programs!<br><br>I also worked at Healthworks Back Bay for a short period before leaving in the effort to start a business. That business is now getting off the ground - where I train and lecture others for improved mental fitness using tools for flourishing based in the science of Positive Psychology, Neuroscience, and Cognitive Sciences.

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