Pat Egan
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Pat Egan

Training since: 1991
Specialties Personal Training

What to expect

At Ultimate Kung Fu we aim to change not just your body but your whole idea of what "you" can be. Sky is the limit here. Martial Arts are our specialty, but bringing you the exercises that you've never seen before is what makes this place different. As a trainer I'll do more than count your reps. I'll challenge you with new movements and show you things that you can take home with you, and how to make your own equipment for cheap.. If you want to take your cardio box class to the next level I offer boxing/ kickboxing sessions. Check out our videos and see what we're doing! If you've ever wanted to learn Tai Chi, you can learn the real Tai Chi here, I've studied with Chinese Doctors, and movie stars. This is Tai Chi you can take to China and people will actually recognize what you're doing as Tai Chi. If you want to get huge, I can help you grow. I'll tell you what you can do with your weight routines to make them more effective, how to eat for gains and what supplements are safe and work and what is wasting your money or even harming you.. If you want to lose 20 lbs, I can help with that too. No tricks here though, no spray your fat away. Maybe you just want a body that works well, for whatever, ask about my core and functional training. Finally of course, if you want to learn to fly through the freaking air, I'm serious, watch the videos, you can do that here too. (not for everyone).

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My Experience

I started out in exercise and fitness lifting weights and doing Frappier programs in high school for baseball. I got really into the weights so I started competitive bodybuilding. I worked out daily with a friend of mine who had his masters in exercise physiology. He taught me all about diet, supplements, lifting techniques and more importantly the grouping of lifts that would make me grow. I became very strong and powerful in the gym but I wanted more than to look good I wanted a way to put that power out there.. This led me to martial arts. I figured out very early on I had to improve my endurance, so I started running. My dad was a marathoner and I had always ran five miles with him in the marathon back even when I was like 8 or 9. I decided I should run a marathon too, I ended up running 3. At this time I was doing Tae Kwon Do like everyone else, but it wasn't quite what I was looking for. I wanted to do what I saw on movies. I discovered kung fu and I was lucky enough to find a Chinese Traditional Medicine doctor who taught me Tai Chi. He also taught me about Shaolin. I changed my whole workout routine from bodybuilding to bodyweight exercises and yoga stuff that had everyone in the gym wondering what I was doing. This was in about 1999 and now everyone is doing this kind of training in the gym. I studied Tai Chi and Chinese medicine for about 5 years before my teacher went back to China. Around that time a friend of mine showed me Hung Gar kung fu. Right away I recognized it. This was the martial art from all the great kung fu movies I loved. I began a quest to find the greatest teachers of this style with the real linage to the original Shaolin style. I went to Hong Kong and studied with the masters who made those old movies. I've been to California more times than I can count to study with Shaolin monks, movie stars and Hung Gar masters connected to the original southern Shaolin Temple.. I also did a lot of mixed martial arts at the same time hence the name Ultimate Kung Fu. I worked out with fighters from Fargo, but also traveled around Minnesota, Texas, Kansas City and California learning MMA, Boxing and Muay Thai with guys who were the best at fighting sports. Martial Arts gave me a chance to be on T.V. a few times. I did a pilot for a martial arts realty show, and competed on Ninja Warrior twice. When I did the pilot, I wanted to do a backflip for the audition, I didn't think anyone else would be doing flips so I thought that would get me past the audition. I got on the show with that backflip, but there was one other guy on that show who you might know as Urban Ninja on youtube. He gave me a DVD of that video before there was a youtube and he was flipping off buildings, jumping from the balconies in the mall, I had to do THAT. This was before anyone had heard of freerunning. I got into gymnastics and can now do things that were once comic book stuff to me. What's more my students take what I've taught them and go to another level which is beyond comic book to me. Practicing gymnastics made me look at my strength training in a whole new way. I had to create a program that would make my body stronger in movement. I've made my gym into sort of a ninja playpen with equipment and exercises that I can only say you have to come in and try.

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