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 Personal Trainer conroe, texas

Chris Micek

Personal Trainer - Conroe, Texas 77306

What to expect when you train with me

Training with me is a full service process. I help my clients make life choices. We rework how you think about your goals. I teach my clients proper eating management. I enjoy motivating my clients. I am not that no nonsense trainer with out a smile.With me I make our time fun and enjoyable. I encourage my clients through positive leadership. During our session I focus on result driven work load. We work on balance & function in every session. I use my years of experience and program design to drive results. We focus on exercises targeted for your specific goals. There are never cookie cutter routines passed out. No matter if your goal is to lose a stubborn 10 pounds. Perhaps it is to gain a sports specific skill set. My program is very tailored to you alone. I promise individualized attention for each of my clients. You will never be with me and not have my undivided attention !

My favorite client story is

My favorite clients success is simple. In all my career one woman stands out. Julia she was a hundred pounds over weight. She came to me ready to make a change. I had seen her drive up to the gym many times. This day she finally got out and came in. She was so nervous afraid of judgement. She walked in I smiled and said you came to say hi finally ! She laughed & "said oh you saw me before huh?". I simply said yes and I am so happy you are here. I showed her around asked her questions. Then she asked "is this going to be hard ?" I told not as hard as it was to come in today. I respected the courage it took for her to finally come in. Over the course of six months we made progress. She went from a walk on the treadmill to jogging. As the months went by the weight dropped. Julia was determined and driven to succeed. She lost the 100 pounds plus in the year we trained together. One day she just started crying I asked whats wrong ? She said "It`s not what is wrong at all. It is that you gave me my life back. I was honestly told by everyone I could`nt. Only you told me I could. You made me believe in you & in turn I began to believe in me." By that point no shame to admit I was crying too. To this day I look at her progress & she motivates me. When you can have that impact on someone. Well frankly that makes what I do just amazing to be part of. So no it was not training fitness models that drives me. It is Julia that still drives me !


$60.00 per hour fitness training
$15.00 per hour boot camp


Monday 11 am to 8 pm By appointment
Wednesday 11 am to 8 pm By appointment
Friday 11 am to 8 pm By appointment
Tuesday 8am-6pm By appoimtment
Thursday 8am-6pm By appoimtment

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  • Chris Micek Personal Trainer Conroe, texas
  • Chris Micek Personal Trainer Conroe, texas
  • Chris Micek Personal Trainer Conroe, texas
  • Chris Micek Personal Trainer Conroe, texas


My philosophy is simple. Through repetition we create excellence. You can`t do something once and perfect it. Well that is your body as well. To create your perfect body you need repetition. Thinking of all great skills your health is one of them. The most common regret in failing health. is " I wish a I took more time for my health". Well take control and take time for your health !

My favorite exercise is

I love doing squats ! I am sick I know it but I love doing legs. Squats to me are the best. They build great legs & backside ! I mean what person does not want that ?

Training Since






My favorite quote is

"The only easy day was yesterday"


I have been in this industry since 1998. Over that time period I have focused on my career. I continue my education so I stay sharp & effective. I constantly read books on fitness & try out on my self. I consistently learn about nutrition good & bad. I have written for a few magazines as a ask the trainer columnist. In all honesty I love what I do. I work with clients looking to improve there well being & physical appearance. From youth to adult who have a desire to succeed. Who perhaps have a problem with their nutrition or lack motivation. Some just want to be in the best shape ever ! This is where I come in, With my knowledge & experience I drive your success. I motivate through positive reinforcement. We look at the trouble areas and implement steps for improving. Designing workouts for you to become your best and fittest !