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 Weight Loss Trainer atlantic-highlands, new-jersey

Squall Leonhart

Weight Loss Trainer - Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey 07716

What to expect when you train with me

I'm a relaxed, fun-loving guy. You should be comfortable when you're training with me, but I'm still going to want you to push and sweat and be a mess by the time we're done. We will constantly be looking to improve your program to maximize your results and hit those goals either on, or ahead of schedule. </p> Currently, I'm providing in-home one-on-one sessions in the following areas:</p> Atlantic Highlands, Highlands, Sea Bright, Middletown, Rumson, Fair Haven, Little Silver, Red Bank, and Monmouth Beach


Please contact me for session rates/pricing.


Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday 8:00-20:00

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cardio training, functional training, weight loss training, personal training


Exercise can, and should be fun. It's not a "necessary evil" it's a necessary recreation. And with good solid, clear, goals it can also be very fulfilling. Fitness is the body's natural state and I want to help people get there and have more access to the world. It's such a different place when physical limitations start to give way to agility, dexterity and endurance. Even if only to be able to climb a tree again. We're examples to the next generation and we need to set the right example.

My favorite exercise is

My favorite form of exercise is martial arts. However, where weight lifting is concerned, I love super-setting squats with dead-lifts. It works an incredible array of muscle for massive calorie expenditure and doing the dead-lifts immediately after squats engages the entire body a lot more. The quadriceps (upper legs) are often so strong they tend to dominate the exercise, but the super-set pre-fatigues the quads so the rest of the body is forced to engage.

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My favorite quote is

"The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." ~Confucius